We Deliver ABA Services

Applied behavior analysis is a research-proven technique of understanding behavior and how it is affected by environmental factors to foster positive change in people. Through this enhanced understanding of behavior, specially-trained therapists implement learning strategies that produce practical and significant changes in behavior that help improve basic skills, such as communication and imitation, to help pave the way for more complex learning skills. ABA is widely recognized as an effective treatment for autism and supported by the U.S. Surgeon General.

Certified Professionals

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of care with our ABA services. As such, all of our therapists are board certified behavior analysts, better known as BCBA's. All our therapist have completed graduate programs in behavioral analysis and specialize in parent training. Before selecting an ABA therapist, you should check if they are board certified by the  Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Ease of Access

Research emphasizes that early intervention is vital in reducing the symptoms of autism and enhancing one's future. However, often parents experience significant delay between autism diagnoses and obtaining essential ABA services. These barriers to service can include long wait lists, lack of qualified providers, geographical limitations, schedule conflicts, etc.

We overcome these obstacles through the use of HIPAA compliant, interactive videoconferencing.  Telemedicine provides a way to connect parents and their children to the clinician in their natural living environment - their home! Neither party has to take time out of their schedule to travel and the family is instantly connected to support.