Applied Behavior Analysis (known as ABA) is a methodology of treating human behavior that is supported through research.  ABA has particularly been well established in treating persons diagnosed with autism and is recommended by the U.S. Surgeon General as both safe and effective.  The relationships between behavior and environment are evaluated and measured to further understand behavioral function.  ABA has been proven successful in increasing skill-sets, such as communication and social skills, and decreasing behaviors that impede goals from being reached.  It is based on the principles of positive reinforcement to achieve behavioral progress.  Studies have indicated that intense hours of ABA can alleviate the symptoms of autism in those that receive early intervention.    

What Is Telebehavior Analysis Therapy?

Telebehavior therapy is the delivery of ABA practices through the use of telemedicine- a delivery method that utilizes a secure internet connection for videoconferencing to deliver healthcare services. We have converged the most highly recommended treatment for autism (ABA) and videoconferencing technology to deliver our services to families in their own homes- where it is needed most. 

CSERV is a provider for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities as well as their families.  We are a group of clinicians dedicated to improving the lives of families. By administering our services via telehealth, we eliminate the barriers of time and physical location. Our flexible hours allow families to participate in therapy together, thereby realizing the full benefits of therapy, not just on the individual, but the family as well.  

We believe in the influence parents have on the behavioral successes of their child. Research demonstrates dramatic improvements in children's behaviors when clinicians teach parents behavioral strategies. Through our telebehavior therapy sessions, parents actively participate in all clinical sessions and treatment recommendations in collaboration with their clinician. Training parents, family members and other caregivers directly ensures that the fidelity of behavioral programs continues after the session concludes.

Insurance and Payment

We are participating ABA providers with some insurance companies.  Please contact us to determine if your insurance benefits will cover remote ABA services.  

If your insurance policy does not cover our services, please contact us for information on our self-pay rates in which we will create a treatment package that fits your family's budget.  

We are proud providers of the Gardiner Scholarship, a special needs scholarship, that is eligible to Florida families who have students with special needs.  For more information, or to see if you qualify for the scholarship, please find more information here