Investigations Show Telehealth Services Enhance Parent Training and Impact Behavioral Goals

CSERV’s affiliate, CNOW, conducted three prior investigations evaluating the use of interactive telehealth technologies across various populations, locations and professions.  These state and federal grants provided the funding to investigate the importance of early intervention and parent training.  The studies evaluated early on whether telehealth (telemedicine) could be successfully used as:

1) a method to provide treatment to various populations

2) a way to train caregiver on implementing programs as outlined by the therapist/medical professional

3) assess child/parent skills

4) determine whether the clinical professional was able to deliver treatment just as they would have if they were face-to-face.

Almost 8,000 video encounters were delivered to special needs children and their caregivers in their natural living and learning environments demonstrating success.  For highlights of each investigation, please see below: