We are proud to be the only service provider of ABA exclusively through telemedicine.  Through our unique delivery of services, we empower families to make lasting behavior change within their child. We believe that our innovative services allow families the flexibility that is required in today's hectic world to find the time to participate in their child's therapy- thereby increasing the efficacy of the techniques that the therapist is instilling in your child. 


Our Mission

To improve the quality of lives of those we serve and their caregivers through the use of innovative telemedicine technologies. 

Our Vision

We aim to be at the forefront of telebehavior analysis for those in need by creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships fostered through videoconferencing technology.

Our Story

CSERV was founded in 2014, but our telehealth journey began in 1999 with our affiliate, CNOW Telehealth Solutions when it developed the interface that we utilize to deliver our telehealth services. 

CNOW's videoconferencing technology was successful across settings, populations and clinical professions. Seeing the strengths of the technology and need for better access to ABA therapists, CSERV was founded. Our name stands for the ability to instantly connect or “see” our clients and readily “serve” them. 

Our services differ from traditional therapy because our ease of access allows parents to be at the frontlines of their child's treatment. We are passionate about  involving parents as an integral part of the treatment team.  You know your child best.  When therapists and parents work together, the best outcomes for the child are realized. 

Our Goals

·         To improve the quality of life for the children and families we serve
·         To utilize research-based practices
·         To be available to families when they need us, including evenings and weekends