How Does It Work?

The proprietary CNOW videoconferencing application that we use makes it easy for you to meet with a clinician in just a few clicks.  Most importantly, the application is HIPAA compliant so that any interactions that take place through videoconferencing are secure and encrypted.  All that is required is a desktop, laptop or tablet, webcam (most devices have one built in), and a high speed internet connection. 

You can meet with your family's CSERV clinician in just 3 steps:

  1. The CSERV clinician will send you a link to you via email confirming your appointment date/time. 
  2. Click on the link before your scheduled session. 
  3. Click on "Join Session" and you will automatically enter the room where the clinician is waiting for you.

What Is Needed For A Telehealth ABA Session?

  • A computer or tablet
  • High speed internet connection
  • Web camera and speakers 
  • Caregiver(s) participation 

CSERV's Telehealth Videoconferencing Technology

Most free videoconferencing applications - Skype, FaceTime, etc.- are unable to meet the standards necessary to facilitate a telehealth video call without visual/audio problems. Additionally, these free technologies are not secure and do not meet the federal standard for protecting your private health information. 

The technology CSERV utilizes, CNOW, is HIPAA compliant and as such adheres to health industry requirements for optimal security. Our technology has also been specifically created for use in behavioral health scenarios: homes, schools, clinics and supported living environments. 

CSERV is pleased to provide the best in healthcare compliant technology to our clients.