Research Shows Online ABA Parent Coaching Offers Better Results For Both Parent and Child

How beneficial is it for caregivers to receive coaching on ABA strategies by a clinician as opposed to learning these strategies on their own?  New research from Michigan State University shows that parents of children with autism who participate in telehealth coaching sessions from therapists feel more confident in their ability to implement strategies for social-communication development. 

Within this study, caregivers participated as the primary interventionists to implement social and play skills with their child.  One group was assigned to a group that presented the curriculum on implementing these strategies in a self-directed manner- meaning caregivers read and reviewed the materials at their own pace and on their own time.  The other group received training on the same curriculum but met with a therapist twice per week utilizing telemedicine (online videoconferencing) to further discuss the concepts.  Both groups of caregivers reported their satisfaction with the curriculum.  However, the caregivers assigned to the second group (with therapists available remotely) reported that their grasping of concepts improved when they could meet and interact with the therapist live. 

This study adds to the ever growing research that links ABA telehealth services from certified professionals to the best outcomes for children with autism. These results can be attributed to the increase in parent participation thanks to the flexibility of the online platform.

CSERV is proud to be one of the only ABA providers to offer services completely online. We help families by supplying ABA therapy and parent training no matter where your family lives. We empower parents with the skills needed to effectively implement ABA strategies in the home- the child’s most important environment.