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Telehealth Therapy For Those With Autism

We understand the barriers families experience when it comes to obtaining ABA therapy. Since timely implementation is the key to having the best possible outcomes, we knew there had to be a better way! We leveraged telehealth technology, a rapidly growing field, to offer ABA therapy online to those with autism no matter where they are located!  We involve the parents and any other caregiver in our therapy which enables them to master ABA techniques and utilize them in the home and in everyday life. We feel this is key to maximizing your child's potential!


We offer online ABA therapy from certified experts to assist the development and skills of children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

By offering our services exclusively online, we are able to assist families all over the world in obtaining critical ABA services in a timely manner to have the greatest impact on their loved one's outcomes.

Experience The New Way to Receive ABA


Meet with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) online during times that are most convenient and instantly without traveling.  Caregivers receive first-hand training on working with their child implementing ABA methodologies that are tailored to their child's individualized treatment program.  Research has shown that individuals receiving services through videoconferencing made gains and caregivers felt empowered to engage with their child. 

How Our Services Help Those With Autism

Our Services Are A Great Fit For Anyone Who...

Has no access to local ABA therapy

Is experiencing long waiting lists to start ABA therapy

Needs greater flexibility in scheduling ABA therapy

Wants to learn ABA strategies to use at home with their child

Wants to enhance or extend ABA therapy that is being obtained elsewhere


Insurance Coverage

If your child has been diagnosed with autism and you are having trouble with access to ABA therapy, your online therapy may be covered by your insurance. We assist families in obtaining insurance authorization to receive ABA therapy online. 

How It Works

If you have connection to the internet, then you can receive our telehealth ABA therapy! Our platform is HIPAA compliant so  you know your private information is secure. All you need is a computer or tablet device to start receiving online therapy today!

See How Our Services Help With Access To ABA

Because our ABA therapy services are 100 percent online and live, you can access a certified ABA therapist any time from anywhere. Our therapists provide the highest level of care for your child and work with you on achieving your behavioral goals.

Watch this video from Ivanhoe News to see how our services help with quick access to ABA therapy and help you and your child achieve the desired behavioral outcomes.


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Privacy Policy: All personal information is strictly confidential and will not be used outside of your request to learn more about CSERV's ABA therapy services, nor will it be shared with third parties.  Please refrain from identifying any personal health information on the individual you are inquiring services for.